Saudi Medical License Exam

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The SMLE is an exam that assesses your readiness to practice and/or proceed to postgraduate training. It consists of 200 MCQs which may include up to 15 pilot questions. It is a 4-hour MCQ examination with scheduled breaks. It is divided into two sections of 100 questions each with a time allocation of 120 minutes for each part. There is one scheduled break between the two sections with a total time of 45 minutes break. These MCQs have four options from which the candidate will choose one best answer. The examination shall contain recall questions that test knowledge and questions with scenarios that test other skills (interpretation, analysis, decision making, reasoning and problem solving.


In order to work as a physician in Saudi Arabia, you must pass the Saudi Medical License Exam (SMLE). To apply for the SMLE, you must have a recognized primary degree (MBBS or equivalent) from an accredited health science program or commenced training in the internship year or student who is one year away from graduation.

Application Process

When applying for the examination, you must apply through the e-application and include the required attachments. Once your application is processed, a scheduling permit with your eligibility period will be issued. You will receive an email with instructions for accessing your permit. After obtaining the scheduling permit, you may visit the specified website to schedule a test date. Scheduling may not be available more than three months in advance.

Preparation Tips

SMLE tests your general knowledge in pediatrics, surgery, medicine, and obstetrics/gynecology. Previous questions are the cornerstone for your preparation. Thus passing the exam with a high score greatly relies on how familiar you are with previous questions. Hence it is very important to familiarize yourself with previous questions and memorize & understand them well. In addition to the previous questions of the exam, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties recommends the following references for exam preparation:

SMLE Preparation Tips


How many times can I retake the SMLE?

All eligible candidates may take SMLE up to four times a year starting from the first attempt to obtain a pass score.

How is the examination conducted?

SMLE is conducted using computer-based testing with two sets. The testing period is 4 hours. After finishing the first set of 100 items a scheduled break is allowed for a total of 45 minutes.

How are SMLE results announced?

SMLE contains 200 multiple-choice questions with the possibility of including up to 15 unscored items. Results are not provided instantly. During the window closing period, psychometric analysis is conducted, and results are announced within 2-6 weeks of the end of a test window. Two reports will be provided to every candidate, a statement of results and a feedback report on performance in comparison to other test takers.

How is the SMLE pass score established?

The SCFHS brings together a panel of Saudi physicians to define an acceptable level of performance and establish the pass score for the SMLE through a standard setting exercise. The panel then recommends its pass score to the Central Assessment Committee (CAC) for approval. Following the standard setting exercise, the panel recommended a pass score of 560 on the reporting scale of 200-800.