About us

Siraj Bank is a trusted interactive question bank that contains an updated set of Saudi Medical Licensing Exam (SMLE) questions starting from the year 2022, covering all test sections (internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and others). In addition to the questions added every month, Siraj Bank contains the most frequently asked questions that had come up in every exam over the years.

Each question has one correct answer out of four options. When solving the question by selecting one of the options, the correct answer appears with a detailed explanation from trusted and reliable scientific sources.


Siraj Bank Questions Are Corrected By A Group Of Resident Doctors And Specialists From Different Medical Fields, Relying On Trusted Sources To Provide Explanations For Each Answer. This Is To Ensure That Subscribers Reach The Correct Answer And Solve The Questions With Greater Confidence.

Siraj Bank Provides The Opportunity For Users To Try The Services It Provides And Solve Questions Before Subscribing To Ensure That Our Services Have Met Your Expectations And Gained Your Trust.

Siraj Bank Allows For A Full Refund If The Services We Provide Are Not To Your Satisfaction. For More Information About The Refund Policy Please Click here